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   For the past 15 years Louisiana Purchase Foods has been specializing in Cajun and Creole Cuisine.  All our products are made with premium and natural ingredients.  We pride ourselves in producing a quality yet value orientated healthy meal solution

     What MaGi Means?

MaGi Foods LLC, a newly formed corporation in San Antonio, Texas derives its name from the unity of two families: Mayes and Gilland.  The symbolic union of these families was through the marriage in 2000 of Charles Matthew Mayes to Kathleen Scott Gilland Gomez de la Torre.  The acronym not only unifies the physical forces of two accomplished individuals but also derives inspiration from the historical journey, discoveries and wisdom of the wise-men of old: the biblical Magi.   

MaGi foods is on a journey to find, evaluate, purchase and improve existing food manufacturing companies and bring forth to the  market, food products that are exceptional in taste, efficient in price and more importantly, beneficial to personal nutrition.

MaGi FOODS LLC. - 2008